Privacy Policy

At Palette Edu, Inc. ("PaletteEDU," "we," "us," "our"), we know you care about how your personal information is used and shared, and we take your privacy seriously. Please read on to learn more about our Privacy Policy. By visiting PaletteEDU's website(s) and all other products, services and applications made available by PaletteEDU from time to time (collectively, the "Services"), you acknowledge that you accept the practices and policies outlined in this Privacy Policy. By using the Services, you are consenting to have your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States.

PaletteEDU complies with all applicable laws regarding your privacy. All capitalized terms that are not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning given to them in the Terms of Use.

In this Policy, “Personal Information” means any information about an identifiable individual or information that can be used to identify an individual, and includes “Personal Data” as that term is defined under the GDPR.

PaletteEDU connects students and the adults that care about them by enabling communication and information sharing among students and their connected adults. You are responsible for any Content you provide in connection with the Services. We cannot control the actions of anyone with whom you or any other PaletteEDU users may choose to share information. Therefore, we cannot and do not guarantee that Content you or any user posts on the Services will not be viewed by unauthorized persons. Although we may allow our users to set privacy options that limit access to certain parts of the Services, please be aware that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable and that we are not responsible for circumvention of any security measures contained on the Services. PaletteEDU does not encourage you to make any personally identifiable information (Personal Information) public other than what is necessary for you to use our Services. You understand and acknowledge that, even after removal, copies of Content may remain viewable in cached pages, archives and storage backups or if other users have copied or stored your Content. We will make efforts to remove the Content under our control that is not part of another user's account.

PaletteEDU is not a healthcare organization and is not certified as HIPAA-compliant.

You may request removal of Personal Information (as described below) that you have provided to us by contacting us at We will remove your Personal Information from our database on your request, but this information may remain in our server logs as part of our standard backup procedures, unless prohibited by contract or law. An Organization Administrator may be able to upload and provide information about you to your account; if you would like to remove or amend that information, you may have to contact and work directly with that Organization Administrator.

Any improper collection or misuse of Content or other information accessible on the Services is a violation of PaletteEDU's Terms of Service and should be reported to

What does this privacy policy cover?

This Privacy Policy explains how PaletteEDU collects, uses and discloses information from you and other users who access or use the Services, including our treatment of Personal Information. Also, this Privacy Policy covers PaletteEDU's treatment of any Personal Information that our partners share with us, or that you provide to PaletteEDU through another third party website or service while using the Services. This policy does not apply to websites, services or practices of companies that we do not own or control, even if they help us operate our Services. Third party providers who do help us operate our Services must adhere to privacy and security obligations in a manner consistent with PaletteEDU's policies and practices.

How is children's Personal Information treated?

We have included some information below related to the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act ("COPPA"). COPPA requires that online service providers obtain parental consent and provide notice before they knowingly collect personally identifiable information online from children who are under 13 ("under-13 users"). PaletteEDU is not typically used by children under age 13. However, if a user is under 13, PaletteEDU requires that user to obtain parental consent prior to using the Services. Pursuant to COPPA, we may collect an under-13 user's name (first name and last initial), date of birth, email address and/or telephone number in order to operate and provide the Services, and we may collect the under-13 user's parent's (or legal guardian's) email address in order to provide notice to the child's parent or guardian that we may contact the under-13 user for the purpose of allowing access to and use of the Services. If PaletteEDU does not receive the parent's email address within a reasonable time period, the under-13 user will not be able to create a PaletteEDU account. If an under-13 user's PaletteEDU account is inactive for at least twelve months (meaning, the account has not received a message through the Services in that period of time), PaletteEDU's policy is to delete the Personal Information. If we learn we have collected Personal Information from an under-13 user other than pursuant to the above, or if we learn that an under-13 user has provided us Personal Information beyond what we request from him or her, we will delete that information as quickly as possible after we have identified it. If you believe that an under-13 user may have provided us Personal Information in violation of this paragraph, please contact us at

In order for an under-13 user to gain access to additional features or services, PaletteEDU may employ one or more methods approved by the Federal Trade Commission for verifying parental consent.

While COPPA requires PaletteEDU to follow these procedures for under-13 users in the United States, PaletteEDU employs the same process to obtain consent for all users under 13 years old.

What information does PaletteEDU display or collect?

When you use the Services, you may set up your personal profile, send messages, perform searches and queries, and transmit information through various channels as permitted by the functionality of the Services. PaletteEDU will not display your personal contact information to other users, without your permission. If, however, you utilize PaletteEDU in an Organization that is a PaletteEDU client, we will share your personal contact information solely with Verified Administrators chosen by your Organization. The information we gather from users enables us to attempt to verify user identity, allows our users to set up a user account and profile through the Services, and helps us personalize and improve our Services. We retain this information to provide the Services to you and our other users and to provide a useful user experience. When you update your information, we usually keep a backup copy of the prior version for a reasonable period of time in case you need to go back to that version.

Information you provide to us

We receive and store any information you knowingly enter on the Services, whether via computer, mobile phone, other wireless device, or that you provide to us in any other way. With your express consent, you may be able to upload, import or sync contact information from your mobile device (for example, from your address book) to PaletteEDU. You may choose not to provide us with certain information, but then you may not be able to take advantage of many of our features. We use the Personal Information we receive about you to provide you with the Services and also for purposes such as:

attempting to authenticate your identity,

responding to your requests for certain information,

customizing the features that we make available to you,

suggesting relevant services or products for you to use,

improving the Services and internal operations (including troubleshooting, testing, and analyzing usage),

communicating with you about new features

and, most importantly, protecting our users, sending emergency messages we are directed to send to you, and working towards making sure our Services are safer and more secure.

You may modify or remove your Personal Information at any time by logging into your account. If an Organizer or a Verified Administrator uploads or adds information about you to your account, you may have to contact and work directly with that Organizer or Verified Administrator in order to modify or remove that information.

Information collected automatically

We receive and store certain types of information whenever you use the Services. PaletteEDU automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your browser including PaletteEDU cookie information, the page you requested, and other usage information such as your activity on the Services, the numbers and frequency of visitors to our site and its components (similar to TV ratings that indicate how many people watched a particular show). None of this information constitutes Personal Information. Certain information that is collected automatically, such as device ID, IP address and phone number, and browsing information that is associated with a user will be treated as Personal Information. In addition, for users who are students, guardians, advisors or Administrators of organizations that contract with PaletteEDU, PaletteEDU may, with the consent of the Organization’s Administrator, obtain information from a third party Student Information System (SIS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or Learning Management System (LMS) provider, which could include basic directory information, attendance information, class grades and report cards, and similar information that is Personal Information.

We also may provide to our partners aggregate information derived from automatically collected information about how our users, collectively, use our site. We may share this type of non-personally identifiable, aggregated statistical data so that our partners also understand how often people use their services as well as PaletteEDU.

Mobile application

When users use our mobile application, we automatically collect the Internet Protocol (IP) address, device ID, device type, and what operating system (OS) the user is running.

We collect users' IP addresses whenever they use our mobile application, which provides us with a coarse approximation of the user's location at the city level. We will not store or track your device location on an ongoing basis or without your permission. We may also collect location-based information from users as part of providing the Services and in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations for the user's jurisdiction.

Email and text message communications

PaletteEDU may send you administrative messages (such as updates, notifications, newsletters, and other news) relating to the Services or to respond to communications from you via email. PaletteEDU may also send you emergency messages when we are directed to do so by an Organization’s Administrator. By maintaining a PaletteEDU account and/or not opting out of receiving information from PaletteEDU, you acknowledge and agree that you may receive e-mail on your phone or mobile device from other PaletteEDU users, from PaletteEDU and/or its agents (as described below) and other individuals or companies if you choose to use services or products that they offer. Receiving these messages may cause you to incur usage charges or other fees or costs in accordance with your wireless or data service plan. Any and all such charges, fees, or costs are your sole responsibility. You should consult with your wireless carrier to determine what rates, charges, fees, or costs may apply. We may receive a confirmation when you open an email from us if your computer supports this type of program. Communications of this type are also sent to under-13 users and the parental consent to use this service also covers these messages. If you no longer wish to receive administrative email messages from PaletteEDU you may opt-out by following the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of each message or by contacting us at Please note that if you do not want to receive legal notices from us, such as this Privacy Policy, those legal notices will still govern your use of the Services, and you are responsible for reviewing the legal notices for changes.

If you are located in Canada, you may opt out of receiving marketing messages (including text messages and emails); however, you may still receive text message and email communications that are necessary for the Services or otherwise exempt from anti-spam laws.

Push notifications

When an Organization in which you are a member or member of your network has posted something new to your network, you are sent a message, or when PaletteEDU needs to inform you of something. If you no longer wish to receive such communications, you may turn them off at the device level. 

What about cookies, pixels, and local storage?

Cookies are small files that websites place on your computer as you browse the web. Like many websites, PaletteEDU uses cookies to discover how people are using our Services and to make them work better.

A pixel is a small amount of code on a web page or in an email notification. As many services do, we (or our agents) may use pixels to learn whether you've interacted with certain web or email content on our Services. This helps us measure and improve our Services and personalize your experience on PaletteEDU.

Local storage is an industry-standard technology that allows a website or application to store information locally on your computer or mobile device. We use local storage to customize what we show you based on your past interactions with PaletteEDU.

PaletteEDU uses these technologies to deliver, measure, and improve our Services in various ways. These uses generally fall into one of the following categories:

Authentication and security

  • To log you into PaletteEDU.
  • To protect your security.
  • To help us detect and fight spam, abuse, and other activities that violate PaletteEDU's policies.

For example, these technologies help authenticate your access to PaletteEDU and prevent unauthorized parties from accessing your account.


To remember information about your browser and your preferences.

For example, cookies may help us remember your preferred language or country that you are in. We can then provide you with PaletteEDU content in your preferred language without having to ask you each time you visit PaletteEDU. We can also customize content based on your country, such as disabling SMS, or to withhold certain content based on applicable local laws.

Analytics and research

To help us improve and understand how people use our Services.

For example, cookies help us test different versions of our services to see which particular features or content users prefer or to share information about our services to you as you interact online across the internet. We might also optimize and improve your experience on PaletteEDU by using cookies to see how you interact with our services, such as when and how often you use them and what links you click on. We may use Google Analytics to assist us with this.

Most browsers have an option for turning off the cookie feature, which will prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, as well as (depending on the sophistication of your browser software) allowing you to decide on acceptance of each new cookie in a variety of ways. We strongly recommend that you leave the cookies activated, however, because you will not be able to log in or use many of the Services' features without cookies enabled. Note that the use of cookies by anyone other than PaletteEDU is not covered by our privacy policy. We do not have access or control over those cookies.

Promoting PaletteEDU on Other Sites

PaletteEDU partners with third-parties to promote our Services. If you respond to one of our posts and visit or register to use our Services, we may provide these third-party companies with identifiers from your device or computer, such as an IP address or device ID, to help us analyze our user acquisition efforts. No student personal data is shared with third-party promotion services.

Mobile analytics

We use mobile analytics software to allow us to better understand the functionality and improve the performance of our mobile software on your phone. This software may collect, store and use information such as how often you use the application, the events that occur within the application, usage, performance data, and where the application was downloaded from. This software may share information it collects with other third parties (1) as part of providing the analytics services; (2) with integrations that advance teaching, school or district services, student learning or achievement, or parent or guardian participation in their child's education or activities; and, (3) to comply with applicable laws.

What happens when I associate my account with an Organization?

Users may have the choice of associating their account with an Organization (such as a team, school or group) that uses PaletteEDU to manage their programs and/or communication. Other users may attend an Organization that contracts with PaletteEDU and this may automatically create an account for all the students, teachers, parents and relevant administrators of that Organization.

By associating your account with an Organization, you acknowledge and agree that Administrators from that Organization may be able to view your User Submissions (including your Personal Information and messaging content). In addition, Administrators may be able to make administrative changes to your account, such as removing you from classes and/or groups. 

If you are an Administrator affiliated with an Organization, you acknowledge that PaletteEDU may enable other users who are associated with the same Organization to contact you -- for example, advisors, students, or parents who are associated with your Organization may communicate with you. Participants may also contact each other (in addition to viewing User Submissions). PaletteEDU does not display in a user's account profile personal contact information of the user to any other users without prior consent.

Will PaletteEDU share any of the Personal Information it receives?

PaletteEDU relies on its users to provide accurate Personal Information in order to provide our Services. We try our best to protect that information and make sure that we are responsible in handling, disclosing, and retaining your data. We neither rent nor sell your Personal Information to anyone. If other PaletteEDU users, other individuals or companies whose products you choose to use, have access to your Personal Information (for example, your messaging content), they may use and share that information in ways that PaletteEDU cannot, and does not, control. PaletteEDU shares your Personal Information in personally identifiable form as described below.

Agents and third party service providers

Advertising is not permitted on the Services. However, we employ other companies to perform tasks on our behalf and help us provide certain features of our Services, and may need to share your information with those companies in order to provide our Services to you. Some examples of services for which we use agents include sending email, analyzing data, providing user services, and searching for any security vulnerabilities. These agents may use Personal Information we share with them, for example, to assist us, to provide their services to you and/or us, and to measure and improve the performance of their services. PaletteEDU has reviewed the privacy policies and practices of these agents and third party service providers in order to verify that they are capable of complying with PaletteEDU's policies and practices, including those related to the collection, use, transfer, confidentiality, security and integrity of user data. As a condition of contracting with PaletteEDU, those agents and third-party service providers committed, in writing, to providing at least equivalent privacy and security for your data as does PaletteEDU.

Business transfers

If PaletteEDU (or substantially all of its assets) is acquired by another company, user information may be one of the assets transferred to or acquired by that company. You acknowledge that such a transfer may occur, and that any acquirer of PaletteEDU may continue to use your Personal Information as set forth in this policy. You will be notified via email or some other means of any change in ownership or uses of your Personal Information, as well as any choices you may have regarding your Personal Information (including the right to delete your information). If PaletteEDU goes out of business without a successor, PaletteEDU would delete your information.

Protection of PaletteEDU and others

We may release Personal Information when we believe in good faith that release is necessary to:

  • comply with the law or national security request (for example, responding to a subpoena or other legal process);
  • enforce or apply our Terms of Service and other agreements; or
  • protect the rights, property, or safety of PaletteEDU, our employees, our users, or others. This includes, without limitation, exchanging information with other companies and organizations for fraud protection or responding to government requests.

We also may be required to disclose an individual's Personal Information in response to a lawful request by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.

With your consent

You will be notified when your Personal Information may be shared with agents or companies other than PaletteEDU and you will be given the option to prevent the sharing of this information unless PaletteEDU determines that not disclosing this to you prior to your information being shared is necessary to comply with applicable laws or legal processes or we are prohibited by law or legal processes from informing you in advance.

Is information about me secure?

The security of Personal Information in the school environment is a top priority for PaletteEDU.

PaletteEDU has protections in place to enhance our users' security, and routinely update these protections. We have administrative, technical, and physical safeguards designed to protect against unauthorized use, disclosure of or access to Personal Information. In particular:

  • Our engineering team is dedicated to keeping your Personal Information secure.
  • We work with industry-leading auditors to review and guide our security policies and procedures.
  • PaletteEDU stores its data within an AWS region that is FedRAMP compliant.
  • The AWS cloud infrastructure has been designed and managed in compliance with regulations, standards, and best-practices, including HIPAA, SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS70), SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FedRAMP, DIACAP and FISMA, ITAR, FIPS 140-2, CSA, and MPAA.
  • Low-level auditing software is run on all production systems to record potentially malicious actions that may take place.

PaletteEDU endeavors to protect user information and to ensure that user account information is kept private; however, we cannot guarantee the security of user account information. Unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors may compromise the security of user information at any time. If PaletteEDU knows or becomes aware of a security breach of its users' personally identifiable information, PaletteEDU will notify affected users as required by applicable laws and may post a notice on the Services as required by applicable law(s). For additional information about the security measures we use in connection with the Services, please contact us at

The Services contain links to other sites or services. PaletteEDU is not responsible for the privacy policies and/or practices on other sites. When linking to another site you should read the privacy policy stated on that site. This Privacy Policy only governs information collected on the Services.

Third party services

You may be able to access certain third party products through PaletteEDU's Services to share content to or from another website or app. These are not PaletteEDU products; they are another company's and we do not control their privacy and security practices so only you can decide whether to connect your PaletteEDU account with another company's services.

The third party products you choose to use on PaletteEDU may need to collect and use your Personal Information in order to provide their services to you; in order to use any products or services offered by anyone other than PaletteEDU, you must review and agree to their specific terms and privacy policies.

What information can I access and modify?

As a PaletteEDU account holder, you have access to view and update the following information at your discretion:

  • information in your user account (such as your email address),
  • Participant names,
  • user preferences, and
  • content in your account (note that once provided, you may not be able to edit or remove certain types of content, such as messages)

This list may change as the Services change.

You also have the right to request access to the Personal Information we hold about you in order to verify the Personal Information we have collected in respect of you and to have a general account of our uses of that Personal Information. Upon receipt of your written request to our Privacy Team (contact information below), PaletteEDU will provide you with a copy of your Personal Information although in certain limited circumstances, we may not be able to make all relevant Personal Information available to you such as where that information also pertains to another individual or as otherwise required or permitted by law. In such circumstances We will provide reasons for the denial to you upon request. We will endeavor to deal with all requests for access and modifications in a timely manner.

How do I delete my account?

You can always opt not to disclose information, even though it may be needed to take advantage of certain PaletteEDU features.

You are able to add or update certain information on pages, such as those listed in the "What Information Can I Access" section above. When you update information, however, we often maintain a copy of the unrevised information in our records. Certain types of communication you send to other users cannot be removed, such as message content.

You may request deletion of your PaletteEDU account by accessing your account online or contacting us at Note, if you are a Participant or Administrator and you request to delete your account, PaletteEDU may notify the Organization of your deletion request. Please note that certain information may remain in our records, server logs and archives after deletion of your account. PaletteEDU retains this information for purposes such as diagnosing problems with the service and for auditing legal investigations, but reserves the right to delete this information in accordance with its standard business practices in effect from time to time. Further, information and other content you have provided may remain visible elsewhere to the extent such content was copied or stored by other users.

For users less than 13 years of age with an account that is inactive for twelve months or more (meaning the account has not received a message through the Services in that time), PaletteEDU's policy is to disable access to Personal Information associated with that account.

If your or your child's Personal Information changes, or you no longer desire to use our Services, or you would like to rescind permission for PaletteEDU to further contact your child, you may review, correct, update, delete inaccuracies, request deletion of your child's information, or amend it by logging into your account and making those changes or contacting us at We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

We will retain your or your child's information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide the Services. If you wish to cancel your or your child's account or request that we no longer use your information to provide Services, contact us at Note we will retain and use information, for example, to comply with our audit and legal obligations, to resolve disputes, and to enforce our agreements.

If the information you are requesting to delete was uploaded or otherwise provided by an Administrator of an Organization to which you belong , then you must request deletion of that information directly from the Organization. PaletteEDU may inform the Administrator(s) and/or Organization(s) you are affiliated with when you request to delete your PaletteEDU account.

If an Organization with whom you are affiliated chooses to end their use of PaletteEDU, your personal account will persist. You may delete your account by following the directions listed above. 

California Residents - Exercise of Rights

If you reside in California you are entitled to exercise certain rights outlined in the California Consumer Protection Act. You may access the information we collect about you, modify it or delete it by contacting us at PaletteEDU will not and may not discriminate against you for exercising these rights.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes to our information practices. If we make any material changes we will notify you by email (using the e-mail address specified in your account) or some other means prior to the change becoming effective. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.

If we make material changes to the types of Personal Information we collect or how we use Personal Information collected from under-13 users we will notify parents by email in order to obtain verifiable parental consent for the new uses of the child's Personal Information.

Questions or concerns

If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy when using PaletteEDU's Services, please contact us and send us a detailed message at the contact information below. We will make every effort to resolve your concerns.

Effective date June 1, 2022