Create a Personal Success Network for Every Student
Palette How its work
Palette How its work

Palette is a mobile app which lets students and their most influential adults communicate, list and manage tasks and and recommend opportunities. It keeps everyone on track, together.

School, college and non-profit advising programs can have their own app to engage and manage their caseloads. Students, advisors, parents and tasks are managed using Palette’s web-based tool or integrated with a program’s existing system.

Parents can manage their families from a single app and invite other adults into their kids’ networks.

Palette How its work
palette Advising program  in mobile app
Communicate with 1, some or all members of a student's network.
Palette for parents in mobile app
Palette for parents
Anyone in a student's network can suggest education, employment or social opportunities for a student to consider.
Palette advising program track TODOs of students
Add and track To-Do’s so that everyone in a student’s network knows what the student needs to do to be successful.
Palette advising program connecting students and advisors
Advising programs can deploy and manage Palette using Palette's web-based interface or select CRM's, SIS' & LMS'.