Palette connects students and the adults that care about them.
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About Palette

Palette connects students – all students – with the most significant adults in their lives. Whether a school counselor, college advisor, mentor, parent, coach, pastor, teacher, employer, sibling or friend, Palette combines advising program management and student's personal networks to drive student success.

Palette helps:

School, college and non-profit advising and mentoring programs better deliver and coordinate their services,
Parents, for students under age 18, better manage the adults and services that engage their kids; and
Students create a personal Advisory Board to help them along their journey.

Founder, CEO

A parent of three sons and a 3-time educational entrepreneur, Burck has spent his career imagining and applying innovative educational ideas. Palette is based on the belief that education happens everywhere, and infrastructure to connect it will empower students, parents and the schools, colleges, advisors and programs that serve them.

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