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In Their Words

Palette provides the space for our Champions to engage their scholars and view their tasks and available resources.

Porcsha, BigThought

I can better manage my kids' extracurriculars and make sure they're doing the things they need to do to be successful.

Alice, Parent

Palette helps me know what I need to do to take the next step. It combines advisors and services with my family and friends.

Jennifer, Student


palette Advising programs
Create a personal success network for every student.
Chat with all the people that contribute to your students' success.
Add social, educational, volunteer and career opportunities for your students.
Add and track To-Do’s so that everyone knows what the student needs to do to be successful.


Communicate with your all of your students' networks individually or in groups
Invite all of your children and their coaches, pastors, grandparents, teachers, college counselors or anyone that is influential in your student's lives.
List and see tasks that your child needs to complete. List and see opportunities for your child.
Palette for Parents
Palette for parents
Communicate one-on-one or in groups without anyone sharing their cell phone numbers.
Palette for parents in mobile app


Palette for students
No matter your age or goals, success comes from engaging with those who also want to see you succeed.
Palette lets you connect these people into your personal success network.
Let those in your Success Network find and suggest social, educational and professional opportunities for you.
Palette for students tracking TODOs
Communicate one-on-one or in groups without anyone sharing their cell phone numbers.
Palette for students
Palette FAQ
Who sees what?

Anyone in a student's network can see a student's To-Do's and Opportunities. Only you and the people you have chatted with can see your chats. Organizations can see the chats in which their advisors are engaged.

What do you do with my data?

Palette does not sell or market user data. It only receives data provided by a participating organization or provided voluntarily by individuals.

Can my school, college or organization see my chats?

Organizations have records of the chats in which their advisors participated.